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QlinicalRx Electronic Documentation

The QlinicalRx Electronic Documentation system goes hand-in-hand with QlinicalRx Pamphlets to allow you to quickly convert your physical documentation into electronic documentation notes.

Our Electronic Documentation takes the philosphy behind our pamphlets and applies it digitally - information is entered quickly into a form populated with check boxes and drop-down lists. The system generates your documentation note instantly and it can then be copied into whatever system you need.

System Requirements

Our system only requires and internet connection to work. It has been tested to work both on Mozilla Firefox® and Google Chrome® with more browser support on the way. The system uses minimal resources and you will find it efficient and responsive to your needs.


Our system saves no patient information, so there are no concerns of information being compromised through our services. All information is compiled on your own computer system - our servers receive no patient information.

The QlinicalRx Solution

Documentation Example
For more information on how to access our Electronic Documentation system please contact us